October 30, 2020

Minecraft-Wither Ability

Minecraft-Wither Ability

Wither(Short Intro)

Three-headed evil boss having a skeletal appearance is Wither and it is Minecraft 2nd enemy . It arises from the Neither and is the second mob and added in the game after the ender dragon in 1.4.3 update. The only way to obtain the Nether star (used to obtain beacon) is by wither.


Wither skull

Wither can move very fast and on noticing mob. Wither will attack them with a missile called Wither skull.

Wither Skull

Status effect

Wither skull impose a status effect called wither 2. In normal or hard difficulties it is about 60 to 90 seconds. and this effect is like hellfire and it affects the player and turns health low.

wither, Status affect, witherII
Status affect


Obsidian and any other  block destroy by Wither except these blocks:

portal block
End portal frames


Contain 3 heads and each head fire individually and these heads advantage wither to fire at 3 entities or fire at a single mob very quickly at the same time.

3 head wither

Wither Boss

Health bar is only shown to the player when it’s near to wither and it has shown through a wall when the player is in his direction

Ender Dragon

A block is destroyed by wither that is similar to the Ender dragon . and it can be destroyed by a player when near to any block. It produces audible smashing sound.

Ender Dragon

Block Break by wither

Any block can break that be in contact with wither except a few blocks:

BedrockCarrier blocks
Portal blocksCommand blocks
Air & waterStructure voids
LavaStructure blocks
End portal framesJigsaw blocks
Non-breakable blocks

Wither Armor effect

When the health of wither reaches to half it will secure by armor called wither armor effect. This makes it resistant to a projectile. Like arrows and potions but not melee attack and the visual effect is caused by it in the surrounding similar to charged creeper but during this state, the wither cannot fly. Instead of it simply hover above the ground but it cannot jump on one block.

Wither Armor effect


Potions of healing are harmed wither and it healed by the potion of harming. It also regenerates his health again over time. The player should guide clear of it when it’s spawned. and wither will when it is done powering up.